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Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories and Repair Parts

Blackberry is one of the most preferred business mobile phones in the phone market and yet it has grabbed and sustained the attention of younger target audience as well, who consider a phone depicts their class and taste. Regardless of what anybody thinks, Blackberry is undoubtedly one of the classiest brands of phones. There are not any cheap phone variations for Blackberry as this company uses the most premium quality parts and screens. However, this makes also repairing these exclusively classed mobile phones very expensive to repair. WiredShops.com has all the solutions required for the latest Blackberry phones and the inventory of products simply get added with time. All Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories such as Blackberry screen replacement or screen replacements are available with no shipping costs over order placed over $49, Money Back Guarantee and whole other perks and offers for Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories and other products.

Our Range Of Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories and Repair Parts

Check out our inventory of Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories and Blackberry Screen Replacement Parts with Blackberry model specific products that range from basic Blackberry 9380 LCD screen to LCD Display Monitor Screen Repair Replace Replacement Fix FOR BlackBerry Torch 9860. We also have a wide range of Blackberry screen covers, LED screen replacement for blackberry phones and various Blackberry Cell Phone Accessories such as Waterproof Blackberry Cases and Black berry Torch Cases such as Blackberry 9810 Housing Case available in various colours and even blackberry 9790 housing case.

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BlackBerry 10 Multimedia: Camera, Music and Memory

The rear-mounted, 8-megapixel resolution main camera comes with auto focus (touch focus or continuous focus), a five-piece lens with a large aperture (f/2.2), a dedicated image signal processor with 64 megabytes of video memory and LED photo light and offers a snapshot, a Timeshift and a video recording mode. For self-portraits or video calls sitting in the front above the display further, resolution 2 megapixel camera with fixed focus, image and video stabilization, and 720p video recording.

The classic camera and the video using the BlackBerry Z10 each hold a few options for the users willing to include an image stabilizer, a flash function and switch between the 16:9 and 4:3 respectively for video recordings between 1,080 – and 720p recording quality. The shift function is basically a Best Shot function based on Scalado technology.

Here with face recognition by several people several images are shot in series, so that the user in hindsight – but before saving the image – a can select specific trigger moment to, for example. The whole is playful and can be solved by using sliders to either the entire subject or to a specific area – apply – a face or several faces in succession. For the subsequent processing of images, several filters and settings for brightness, sharpness, white balance, etc. ready.

Time shift function on the BlackBerry Z10

The 8-megapixel resolution main camera on the BlackBerry Z10 delivers when taking photos in daylight from good results. The images come quite sharp, show good contrast and sharp, but not exaggerated colour saturation and image dynamics is comparatively good. Some areas act partly muddy. Video shooting in daylight are also characterized by sharp and balanced images, and when panning through barely occurring tearing effects, this is not only to continuously working focus, but also by working in the background stabilization software.

The music player of the BlackBerry Z10 also confident in the sound test. The sound contains audible even when using the supplied, cheap looking and headphone bass is very clear, the volume is very high – are made – too high for the ears. The external speaker sounds very well balanced and is very noisy if set, overrides, however slightly.

In comparison, the BlackBerry Z10 delivers both with headphones and the speaker a comparable sound quality to the iPhone 5 Major shortcoming of the music player of the BlackBerry Z10 in the test is that there is no way for the user, via EQ presets to adjust the sound to your own wishes. That is not all of the music player only simple search sort and play functions.

Remarkable start of BlackBerry 10

The launch of BlackBerry 10 is a complete reboot for the mobile platform and the Canadian operator. As the first smartphone with BlackBerry 10 OS, the BlackBerry Z10 enters the race that has no hardware keyboard and is operated purely on the touchscreen.

Design, processing and display

With its flat, elongated shape and rounded corners, that provokes BlackBerry Z10 test in comparison with the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, on closer inspection are many different features. First, the housing of the BlackBerry Z10 with dimensions of 130 x 66 x 9 mm, is much longer, wider and thicker than that of the iPhone 5, even if the display of the BlackBerry smartphone with 4.2 inch only slightly larger than the iPhone 5. In width and thickness, the BlackBerry Z10 comparable to the HTC One and a 4.7-inch screen which with its rounded back, however, is to the sides flat, and thus can be just with one hand and easily into your pocket.

On the front page of the BlackBerry Z10 there are neither hardware nor sensor buttons, after pushing the lock screen but three on-screen buttons to navigate in the menu. The device under test is operated primarily via touchscreen inputs, only the side or on the upper face as operating aids sit silver media buttons and a volume rocker, the micro-USB and micro-HDMI port and the power button. Above the display, sit the typical BlackBerry notification light, the front camera and a speaker.

The black or white plastic housing of the BlackBerry Z10 makes the test in a small and carefully crafted impression existing gaps are intentional. Even from the side view of the boundaries of the display can be identified with its surface.

Unlike the iPhone 5, the frame is simply fitted and side buttons taking nearly nothing from them.
The surface of the removable battery cover is rubberized and provides not in the test, the velvety feel of soft-touch surface of the BlackBerry Q10, but offers a better grip of the device. As with the Samsung Galaxy S3, the battery cover on the BlackBerry Z10 is very flexible and therefore less likely to break than with rigid material.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Motorola RAZR Wireless Data and Camera

Motorola is based on the standard fourth-generation LTE. Thus, the model provides theoretically a download of 42 megabits per second. As can Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone compete with 21.1 and 14.4 megabits per second. With LTE in Germany, already partially fantastic download speeds are available, via the UMTS network. There is therefore a real advantage for the Galaxy Nexus compared to the iPhone 4S at the data rate barely – which is only in the LTE version of the Samsung model, which will be available in some countries.

However, the 3G network offers compared to LTE is clearly the better cover. Although the number of megapixels says, nothing about the picture quality and 5-megapixel resolution are not bad. Nevertheless, the 8 megapixels of the RAZR and the iPhone 4S are simply more. In addition, as long as we can make no impression on the camera of the Samsung or Motorola model, we have to rely on the technical details. With the front camera, Apple offers only VGA resolution; the allies have significantly better 1280 x 1024 pixels. Videos take all three in full HD quality.

Motorola RAZR: The new flagship of Motorola

The iPhone comes in a timeless square-iPhone-4-Case of glass and metal. It is chic and excellent workmanship – but no more than that new and therefore deserves at least one negative mention. 140 grams of weight and 9.3 mm are also no match for the two companions of Samsung and Motorola more. Because the Galaxy Nexus comes despite a much larger, display only 135 grams of weight and is only 8.94 millimetres thick. Motorola leads and 127 grams and even at just 7.1 millimetres thick. That the iPhone 4S among the three smartphone models in total is the most compact, should not surprise anyone.

The choice of material

The Galaxy Nexus is made entirely of plastic. Motorola instead it uses metal and Kevlar, the housing is water resistant. Together with the Gorilla glass on the display, the phone has almost outdoor qualities.

Operating system

Apple delivers the iPhone 4S with the current version of iOS 5, which comes with many new features such as iCloud. The other two devices rely on Android – the Samsung model comes with the new version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS), which requires no hardware buttons and is fully controlled by the display.

All other information about Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich can be found here. Motorola his stakes on the still current version 2.3 Gingerbread, an update to Android 4.0 but would not be impossible.