BlackBerry 10 Multimedia: Camera, Music and Memory

The rear-mounted, 8-megapixel resolution main camera comes with auto focus (touch focus or continuous focus), a five-piece lens with a large aperture (f/2.2), a dedicated image signal processor with 64 megabytes of video memory and LED photo light and offers a snapshot, a Timeshift and a video recording mode. For self-portraits or video calls sitting in the front above the display further, resolution 2 megapixel camera with fixed focus, image and video stabilization, and 720p video recording.

The classic camera and the video using the BlackBerry Z10 each hold a few options for the users willing to include an image stabilizer, a flash function and switch between the 16:9 and 4:3 respectively for video recordings between 1,080 – and 720p recording quality. The shift function is basically a Best Shot function based on Scalado technology.

Here with face recognition by several people several images are shot in series, so that the user in hindsight – but before saving the image – a can select specific trigger moment to, for example. The whole is playful and can be solved by using sliders to either the entire subject or to a specific area – apply – a face or several faces in succession. For the subsequent processing of images, several filters and settings for brightness, sharpness, white balance, etc. ready.

Time shift function on the BlackBerry Z10

The 8-megapixel resolution main camera on the BlackBerry Z10 delivers when taking photos in daylight from good results. The images come quite sharp, show good contrast and sharp, but not exaggerated colour saturation and image dynamics is comparatively good. Some areas act partly muddy. Video shooting in daylight are also characterized by sharp and balanced images, and when panning through barely occurring tearing effects, this is not only to continuously working focus, but also by working in the background stabilization software.

The music player of the BlackBerry Z10 also confident in the sound test. The sound contains audible even when using the supplied, cheap looking and headphone bass is very clear, the volume is very high – are made – too high for the ears. The external speaker sounds very well balanced and is very noisy if set, overrides, however slightly.

In comparison, the BlackBerry Z10 delivers both with headphones and the speaker a comparable sound quality to the iPhone 5 Major shortcoming of the music player of the BlackBerry Z10 in the test is that there is no way for the user, via EQ presets to adjust the sound to your own wishes. That is not all of the music player only simple search sort and play functions.