Remarkable start of BlackBerry 10

The launch of BlackBerry 10 is a complete reboot for the mobile platform and the Canadian operator. As the first smartphone with BlackBerry 10 OS, the BlackBerry Z10 enters the race that has no hardware keyboard and is operated purely on the touchscreen.

Design, processing and display

With its flat, elongated shape and rounded corners, that provokes BlackBerry Z10 test in comparison with the iPhone 5. Nevertheless, on closer inspection are many different features. First, the housing of the BlackBerry Z10 with dimensions of 130 x 66 x 9 mm, is much longer, wider and thicker than that of the iPhone 5, even if the display of the BlackBerry smartphone with 4.2 inch only slightly larger than the iPhone 5. In width and thickness, the BlackBerry Z10 comparable to the HTC One and a 4.7-inch screen which with its rounded back, however, is to the sides flat, and thus can be just with one hand and easily into your pocket.

On the front page of the BlackBerry Z10 there are neither hardware nor sensor buttons, after pushing the lock screen but three on-screen buttons to navigate in the menu. The device under test is operated primarily via touchscreen inputs, only the side or on the upper face as operating aids sit silver media buttons and a volume rocker, the micro-USB and micro-HDMI port and the power button. Above the display, sit the typical BlackBerry notification light, the front camera and a speaker.

The black or white plastic housing of the BlackBerry Z10 makes the test in a small and carefully crafted impression existing gaps are intentional. Even from the side view of the boundaries of the display can be identified with its surface.

Unlike the iPhone 5, the frame is simply fitted and side buttons taking nearly nothing from them.
The surface of the removable battery cover is rubberized and provides not in the test, the velvety feel of soft-touch surface of the BlackBerry Q10, but offers a better grip of the device. As with the Samsung Galaxy S3, the battery cover on the BlackBerry Z10 is very flexible and therefore less likely to break than with rigid material.